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Ari Jaya Liveaboard Jaya LiveaboardAri Dive – Komodo Liveaboard Fleet, 5 reviews

Great liveaboard

We are a group of 5 friends just returning from a 6D/5N liveaboard on Ari Jaya (private charter), it was an unforgettable experience. A big thumbs up to the whole crew, they were simply amazing and genuinely friendly.

The diving itself was even better than we expected, and our divemaster Syam was very professional. We saw mantas, sharks, turtles, huge schools of fish, beautiful healthy coral, etc... Be aware that some dives are quite challenging due to strong currents, divers with minimal experience should be careful. Contrarily to previous comments regarding safety, there was oxygen on board, and we also used reef hooks. Note that there is also a brand new decompression chamber in Lebuan Bajo.

It is a budget liveaboard, so don't expect a luxurious boat. It has no A/C, the cabins are quite basic (water drips from the ceiling after heavy rain), bathroom is extremely basic (flushing with a bucket, almost zero water pressure), and the engine even broke down once (but was repaired after a couple hours)... We are a group of guys in our early 30s and didn't mind that at all, but it will not suit everyone. However, the deck is quite spacious and comfy (bean bags, mattresses), we even ended up sleeping there instead of the cabins.

The food was excellent and plentiful thanks to our chef Lisa. As for drinks, there was only water, coffee and tea. However, you are allowed to bring anything you want on board, so make sure you stock up on beer and soda before departure (there is a supermarket at the harbor).

Don't expect a very organized liveaboard either. On our first day, we ended up walking around town to buy tickets to Komodo NP. Our equipment wasn't ready (although we specified everything through email beforehand), and it took the crew the entire morning to gather it from different dive shops... There was no spare equipment on board either, which could have been problematic.

If you can overlook those drawbacks (minimal comfort, poor organization), I cannot recommend this liveaboard enough, especially if you can book it as a private charter with a group of friends.
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Empress Liveaboard LiveaboardScuba Froggy, 3 reviews

Great value boat and amazing diving

I chose this liveaboard because it went all the way down to south raja ampat (misool) and was the best value for the money.
Boat: Enough space for the 10 guests. Facilities were clean and the AC in the rooms worked. I wish there was more shaded area on the boat to relax... the sundeck can become unbearably hot. The boat still has some issue with the exhaust fumes. It can be annoying while eating or coming up on the boat.
Crew: good crew, not much to say about it which is a positive thing. The only thing I found odd is that one of the crew member was playing with my gopro when he thought I was in the water. I was on the sundeck and came down for water and saw him handle my gopro and he pressed a few buttons and took videos and photos by accident. Thankfully, he did not delete any videos or change the settings.
Food: exceptional! They have an espresso machine which was a blessing. They charge 2 dollars per soft drink which I thought was high...
Gear rental: I thought the rental prices were a little steep... gear was just ok.
Diving sites: exceptional, especially misool. We were coming out of full moon as we hit raja ampat central and the currents were a tad too strong and the manta did not come out. Wish they would add an afternoon dive before the hike and excursions... it doesn’t require much effort and we all felt frustrated only having 2 dives per day on the days that had the excursions.
Divemasters: However dive plans from the cruise director were never followed (we all made a joke about it during the trip). All of that was fun and games until someone got caught in down current and dragged below a 100ft without any air. She was on the secondary of someone who was not her dive buddy. Towards the end of the trip, we kinda lost faith in the ability of the divemasters to know the dive sites and able to lead the group safely. The directions underwater were unacceptably non existent and it kinda ended up being all 5 of us (the group) leading the dive and relying on each other and planned our dives separately to avoid an accident.
In a nutshell, the boat is good enough for a value liveaboard, but the guidance and safety underwater is questionable. I would definitely go with a more reputable boat and with a more experienced and considerate divemaster.
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