Liveaboard diving in

Quai Corail

Quai Corail is located on the eastern side of La Possession harbor. Diving in this area is suitable for divers of all experience levels. The water visibility is good and there isn’t any current. The average depth is 8-12m/26-39ft.

When To Go Diving

The air temperature in the winter stays around 29C/84F and 24C/75F in the summer. The average water temperature is around 27C/81F from January to March and 23C/73F from July to September. Diving is possible all year round. 

What to see

Divers will be able to see moray eels, tuna, turtle, groupers, manta rays, scorpion fish, lionfish, crayfish, triggerfish, leaf fish, lizardfish and even dolphins. Due to good water visibility and absence of current this location is recommended for night diving.

Reviews about Quai Corail

The water is so clear that even night dive isn't s
The water is so clear that even night dive isn't scaring :) It's not very deep but you can meet all beautiful nature creatures, turtles, mantas... Vero
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