Liveaboard diving in

Punta Motta

  • Depth max:

    60 m
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Must see

 This dive point is close to the beach of the ancient fishing village of “Marinella” at Palmi, on the Tyrrhenian “Costa Viola”, facing a rocky ridge known as “Punta Motta”. The scenery outside is breathtaking, with high vertical rock walls, and the underwater environment doesn’t disappoint the expectations. From the beach, the dive begins leaving the rocky ridge to the right. The natural walls continue underwater with the same verticality that characterize them externally, leading to very challenging depths. In general, in an immersion of high biological interest and of photographic interest, which doesn’t disappoint even the most demanding divers (the content is provided by Megale Hellas Diving Center)


What to see

The whole descent on the rocky seabed is full of caves that provide shelter to many species, including groupers, red scorpion fish and moray eels. Looking up into the blue, often you can meet pelagic fishes, such as snappers (Dentex dentex), shoals of barracuda (Sphyraena sphyraena) and bonitos (Sarda sarda), in addition to large groupers (Epinephelus marginatus). At around 30 m depth, there’s an imposing rocky spire, entirely covered with colorful sponges and large purple gorgonian fans (Paramuricea clavata), on whose branches there are dense colonies of transparent sea squirts (Clavelina lepadiformis). There are of course several species of nudibranchs and mollusks