Scuba diving in Protea Banks

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Diver level
Average: 27 m
Maximum: 40 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m

Protea Banks is a very popular and thrilling dive site in South Africa. Shark diving is what this spot is famous for. Divers come to the place to admire various shark species, explore an exciting marine world and receive unforgettable impressions. It is advisable to divide diving in Protea Banks into two dives – reef diving in the Southern Pinnacles and cave diving in the Northern Pinnacles. Divers get exclusive opportunities to observe sharks in their natural habitat, explore multiple coral formations and check underwater caves. However, divers should also be prepared to drift diving due to strong currents locally.

When to go

Diving in Protea Banks is possible during the whole year. The warmer months are from December to March and this period is preferable for diving in the Southern Pinnacles. The air and water temperatures are around 23-26C/73-78F. The period from May to July is a bit colder and better for diving in the Northern Pinnacles with the air and water temperatures of 17-20C/62-68F. 

What to see

The abundance of marine life is striking around Protea Banks. Scuba diving in the spot let divers encounter bull sharks (Zambezi) in November, hammerhead, blacktip, dusky, sand, grey nurse sharks (August to September), tiger and ragged-tooth sharks. Kingfish, yellowtails, groupers, barracuda and tune are among the other marine creatures inhabiting the area.

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