Liveaboard diving in

Portinho da Areia Sul

Portinho da Areia Sul is located on the southern part of Peniche coast. This coastal dive site offers a shallow diving and good opportunities for macro photography throughout the whole year. The average depth is 7m/23ft with the maximum depth of 12m/39ft. Medium visibility ranges from 5m/16ft to 10m/32ft. The currents may be 2 knots and divers must pay close attention to their direction. The topography of the spot features sandy rock bottoms with series of canyons if swimming to the West of the site. On the vertical walls one can watch the variety of nudibrachs species as well as squids, octopuses, zebra sea-breams (iplodus cervinus ), Tompot blenny (Parablennius gattorugine) and other.

When To Go Diving

The water temperature reaches its peak in August and ranges from 19C/66F to 21C/70F. The average air temperature varies from 16C/61F to 18C/64F from July through October which are considered the most comfortable months to come here.