Scuba diving in Ponta da Atalaia

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From Boat
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 25 m
Less than 1 knot.
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 15 m
Ponta da Atalaia is located in the south of Portugal, in Sagres. It features a rocky wall and 3 big caves filled with lots of marine life. The caves make this dive quite an interesting experience. They are easy to dive even for beginner divers, since their diameter is no more than 10m/32ft. The caves are overgrown with colorful gorgonians which provide shelter to lots of species including octopus, starfish of different colors, common sea breams and lobsters that can be seen here on a regular basis.

When to go

Scuba diving is available all year round, though the water may get colder in the winter. The average water temperature ranges between 15C/59ft in the winter and 23C/73ft in the summer. Best time to dive is from April through November.

What to see

A wall and 3 big caves filled with lots of marine life.

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