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Best Diving Destinations in Montenegro

The Most Beautiful Dive Sites in Montenegro

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About scuba diving in Montenegro

Montenegro is located in Southeastern Europe and has a coast on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast and Albania to the southeast. Montenegro's economy relies heavily on tourism and so it offers major highways, train stations, sea ports and air transportation to service tourists coming from all over the world. There are 2 international airports in Montenegro: Podgorica and Tivat. Airport Podgorica is located 11km from the capital of Montenegro and Airport Tivat is the ideal choice if trying to to visit the Montenegro coast. Ancient cities such as Kotor, Budva (particularly Galiola spot), Ulcinj, Old Bar and Petrovac are rich with historical and cultural monuments, making Montenegro vacation a perfect combination of diving and site seeing. Over the past several years, Montenegro has been earning a reputation of one of the Europe's most exciting diving destinations. Bring out your adventurous side, and discover the variety and stunning beauty of diving in Montenegro. The country is renown for its historical wrecks, steep limestone cliffs rich with caves, caverns and archeological sites. Drift diving and night diving are also very popular in these waters. Dozens of military and merchant ships sank in the surrounding waters over centuries, attracting tourists interested in wreck diving. Local marine life is rich in flora and fauna and features several types of corals and a large number of species of fish. We will help you find out much more about scuba diving destinations in Montenegro. Petrovac features many coves and small sandy gulfs which are very beautiful in this part of the Adriatic. Donkova islet lies nearby and is also a great place to visit, offering a fair number of dive sites suitable for divers of different levels. Ulcinj had a third largest fleet on Adriatic sea and a large number of battles took place in the local waters in defense of this part of Adria. As a result, a large number of ships are berried in these waters creating interesting and challenging dive sites. Some of the more popular wreck sites include Goritia, SS Skodra and Spiridon. Luštica Peninsula offers a large number of sites, including caves Plava Spilja (Blue Cave), Mermaid's Hole and Sirena Hole, walls Ponte Maćka and Ponte Veslo, and wrecks like SMS Kaiser Franz Joseph I (max depth 45m/147ft), Tihany Italian Cargo Ship (34-39m/111-127ft) and Patrol Boat (max depth 25m/82ft). The Blue Cave is one of the most attractive in the series of caves. Its name comes from the unusually blue color of the water that occurs during clear, sunny days. The cave has two openings at 45 degree angles. Its height from the sea level to the top of the ceiling is around 9m/29ft and the depth around 3-4m/9-13ft.

When to go to Montenegro

Climate is exceptionally mild and Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average air temperature during the winter stays around 4C/39F and during the summer around 23C/73F. Podgorica is the hottest spot in the country, having the warmest temperatures in Montenegro, averaging 28C/82F with July being the hottest month. The diving season normally runs from May until October, when the sea temperature ranges between 20-25C/68-77F. The visibility is pretty good and varies between 15 and 35m/49-114ft.

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