Liveaboard diving in

Maroudio Inglessi

Maroudio Inglessi is located to the North-West from Berlenga Grande Island. The wreck of Maroudio Inglessi and the excessive variety of marine life on the nearby reefs make this dive site one of the most popular on the Berlengas archipelago and even entire Portugal. The site takes its name from a Greek steam cargo ship, Maroudio Inglessi. which has run aground and sunk on the 15th of February, 1921. Baixa do Broeiro is the second name of this dive site which comes from the name of the Broeiro reef that stretches from 40m depth to 5m/16ft at its highest point. Several conditions must match for the divers to have a pleasurable experience. A good weather, calm sea and absence of fishermen nearby. Open Water Diving experience is a must. The average depth of this site is 20m/65.6ft with the maximum depth of 40m/131ft. Good visibility ranges from 10m/32ft to 30m/98.4ft. Divers must be aware of strong currents of more than 2 knots. The reef gives a great opportunity to watch big masses of different schools of fish such as amberjacks, Bonito tuna, sunfish, trigger-fish, sea-bass and groupers. The north wall of the reef drops down to 25m/82ft depth where divers can find a platform and then go down to the 40m depths/131ft. The Maroudio Inglessi is situated on the north-eastern side of the reef. Spider-crabs and Moray eels can also be spotted at this dive site.

When To Go Diving

The average water temperature during the summer months goes up to 19C/66F with the average air temperature staying around 25C/77F. The best time to dive here is June though September.