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Maison Verte

Must see
Maison Verte is located by the sea, south of Le Cimetière, 2,5km/1.6mi south of St Leu. Gentle slope is between 5m/49ft and 25m/82ft deep. Diving is possible for divers of all experience levels and is available all year round. The water visibility is good (20-30m/66-98ft) with low current.

When To Go Diving

The average water temperature is around 27C/80F from January to March and 23C/73F from July to September. The air temperature duting the winter is around 28C/83F and 24C/75F during the summer.

What to see

This is a beautiful coral garden with abundant marine life including stingrays, eagle rays, devil rays, turtles, groupers, batfish, parrotfish and nudibranchs.  

Reviews about Maison Verte

Beautiful coral garden with abundant marine life!
Beautiful coral garden with abundant marine life! Low current and great visibility makes it very comfortable to dive in. Will be interesting for all level divers! Cheers, Alex
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