Scuba diving in Loch Vennachar

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Diver level
Average: 8 m
Maximum: 16 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 20 m
Loch Vennachar is a dive site located on the southern coastline of Kangaroo Island and features a sailing vessel. This clipper disappeared in 1905, but was not found until 1976 on the rocky bottom under huge cliffs. The anchor and winch are relatively intact, while other parts of the wreck are scattered all over the seabed.

When to go

It is possible to dive at Loch Vennachar from April to June, when the sea conditions are at their best. The rainy season lasts from May to September. The water temperature is usually around 20-21C/68-70F.

What to see

The remains of Loch Vennachar attract such species as cowfish, old wives, grouper, snapper, blue devilfish, surgeonfish, and colorful damselfish. The site is also inhabited by various crustaceans and nudibranchs.

Reachable from

Kangaroo Island

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