Scuba diving in Le Tell

Diver level
Average: 5 m
Maximum: 18 m
Average: 5 m
Maximum: 10 m
The Le Tell was a coastal freighter made and put in service in La Seyne on March 11th, 1879. The freighter sank during a strong storm in 1913. It is still possible to explore some remnants of the ship and see cement bags it was carrying scattered around the wreck. The wreck lies in front of Cap Camart in shallow waters. Sometimes divers may experience a strong drift but, in general, it is an easy dive site.

When to go

The best time for diving at Le Tell is from May to November when the average water temperature stays around 20C/68F. The depth of the site is 5-18m/16-59ft. Water visibility is medium, 5-10m/16-32ft.

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