Scuba diving in Le Sec Jaune

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Le Sec Jaune is approx. 5km/3.1mi south of St Leu. It is mainly hard coral over the first 10 meters. he depth of the site is from 10m/33ft to 20m/66ft. The water visibility is good (10-30m/33-98ft) and there isn’t any current. Diving in the area is available for divers of all experience levels.

When to go

The air temperature is 28C/82F in February and 22C/72F in July. The water temperature varies from 25C/77F to 27C/81F in the winter and from 20C/68F to 22C/72F in August.

What to see

Soft coral, brain coral, yellow gorgonian fan, ascidians and encrusting algae can be found farther down the dive. Divers can choose between wall, reef and shoal dives. There is a diverse marine life including stingrays, eagle rays, devil rays, turtles, groupers, batfish, parrotfish, nudibranchs and flutemouth.

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