Liveaboard diving in

L'Augustin Fresnel II

Must see
L'Augustin Fresnel II is a 53-m/173-ft long Canadian ship that sank in 2003. It rests flat on its keel. Diving here is recommended for CMAS**/AOW divers. It is possible to dive inside the wreck and see the different areas of the ship, such as the superstructures at the back, the supports at the front, the hoists (and of course the stern with its twin screws and rubber blades), the crane operator cabin, and the typical beacon ship bow.

When To Go Diving

It is possible to dive all year round. Average air temperatures range from 22-30C/72-86F. The water temperature averages 29C/84F in summer and 26C/79F in winter. The depth of the site is 29m/95ft. Average visibility is 10-30m/32-98ft. Currents are medium (1-2 knots).

What to see

The site has diverse marine life, including hundreds of swallowtail sea perch and sergeant major fish.