Scuba diving in L'Antonio Lorenzo

Diver level
Average: 108.24 ft
Maximum: 131.2 ft
Average: 49.2 ft
Maximum: 98.4 ft
The Antonio Lorenzo is a shipwreck that lies at the depth of 40m/131ft, not far from 'Le Grand Tombant de la Pointe au Sel' dive site. It was sunk on purpose in 1999. Today it is modestly covered by a new coral growth which has also attracted various marine life. Diving at this site is recommended for advanced divers.

When to go

The best time to dive here is from July to October when the average air temperature stays around 28C/82F. The average water temperature varies between 25-27C/77-81F during the summer and 20-22C/68-72F during the winter. Water visibility is around 10-35m/32-114ft. The depth of the site is 40m/131ft.

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