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Diver level
Average: 15 m
Maximum: 20 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 20 m
Kačjak is a dive site located on a peninsula with the same name. There are cliffs and reef walls with various kinds of corals and flowers to be explored. Scuba diving at Kačjak is interesting and exciting for those who wish to relax after beach activities.

When to go

Kačjak has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are usually warm and dry. Winters are cloudy with lots of rain. The average temperature is 9C/48F in winter and 23C/73F in summer. The average water temperature reaches 27C/81F in July and August.

What to see

Divers can spot lobsters, squat lobsters, sea slugs, tuna, swordfish, anemones, and crabs.

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