Liveaboard diving in

Ilheu Preto

Ilheu Preto site is located on the south-east of Faial island, Azores. Diving at Ilheu Preto can be very exciting. The site features a little cavern and a great topography. This site is recommended for experienced divers. The average depth is 12m/39.4ft with the maximum depth reaching 20m/65.6ft. The average visibility is 10-30m. Currents are low (< 1 knot). Coming here divers can enjoy cave and ambiance diving. Ilheu Preto is famous for its variety of marine life and especially known as a place to watch whales and different species of dolphins.

When To Go Diving

The high season is from late July to September with the average air temperature of 25C/77F and the average water temperature of 22C/72F. The summer months are hot but breezy.