Scuba diving in Grotte du Lido

Diver level
Average: 75.44 ft
Maximum: 131.2 ft
Average: 49.2 ft
Maximum: 98.4 ft
The dive site is located just off Nice. It features a slope, parallel to the coast, which forms a sort of ledge followed by a cave 20m/65ft in length. The cave's entrance is 23m/75ft deep. It has a shape of a bow with a pillar in the center. The cave is very narrow and allows the passage of just one diver at a time. This site is rich in flora and fauna, including corals, lobsters and octopus. At night divers may spot alicia and white-dotted-octopus. Diving at this site is recommended for advanced divers.

When to go

The best time for diving is from May to November. The water temperature is over 20C/68F from late May to mid November with visibility ranging between 15-30m/49-98ft. The depth of the site is 40m/131ft.

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