Scuba diving in Culebrita South Reef

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From Boat
Diver level
Average: 9 m
Maximum: 13 m
Average: 20 m
Maximum: 35 m

This reef is full of beautiful colors, teeming with fish and covered with large gorgonians. Swarms of little to medium-size reef fish fill the waters, from queen angelfish and butterflyfish to parrotfish, barracuda and horse-eye jacks. Average depth of the site is 9m/29ft and maximum is around 13m/42ft. This location is suitable for divers of all levels. Currents are medium, 1-2 knots, and visibility is more than 30m/98ft. The site is reachable from a boat.

When to go

Temperature varies little from season to season. Winters are usually drier and cooler with the average air temperature ranging from 21C/70F to 26C/78F. Summers are humid with air temperature ranging from 27C/80F to 29C/84F.

Reachable from

Culebra Pueblo

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