Liveaboard diving in

Canico de Baixo

Canico de Baixo is located right in front of the Canico shore, Madeira. This site is good for divers of all experience levels and is easily accessed from the shore. Divers come here for night diving which is remarkable at this site. In the light of the lantern divers can see lobsters, mantas, electric rays and octopus surrounded by numerous other species of marine life. The average depth of the site is 24m/78ft with the maximum depth of 30m/98ft. Visibility is good, 10m/32ft -30m/98ft. Currents are low (<1 knot). Local reef, caves and grottos give visitors an opportunity to see the magnificence of underwater fauna. Large groupers, triggers, parrot fish and scorpion-fish are regular inhabitants of the nearby waters.

When To Go Diving

The warm waters of Gulf stream raise the sea temperature up to 22C/72F and the average air temperature varies from 19C/66F to 25C/77F during the summer.